A.L.M.S Community Health Center is a primary care family practice for patients of all ages from in and around Grand Prairie, Texas. In a time when health care services are becoming more consolidated and conglomerated, A.L.M.S Community Health Center brings the focus back to individuals, families, and community.

The center is staffed by some of the region’s best nurse practitioners. Some specialize in family care, others in pediatrics and adult gerontology. All share a commitment to delivering top-quality care in a warm and personable manner. A.L.M.S Community Health Center runs under the direction of a licensed physician.

At A.L.M.S Community Health Center patients aren’t treated like numbers or moved through the process in an assembly-line fashion. Appointments are booked to allow time to ask questions and express concerns, and practitioners take the time to get to know the men, women, and children in their care.

Services range from routine primary care and acute or chronic disease management to lab services, physicals, immunizations, and more. When specialized care is needed, practitioners can help patients connect with a specialist who can meet their needs and then coordinate care with the extended health team.

Patient education is a central part of the practice, and team members integrate health literacy and wellness skill-building into every patient interaction. The central goal is to empower patients to play an active role in their own health and wellness.

The practitioners at A.L.M.S Community Health Center believe that health services should be attainable to everyone, regardless of income. The center uses a Clinic Membership model to give patients who are uninsured, underinsured, or have high deductibles access to outstanding care in an affordable pricing structure.

For those in Grand Prairie and the greater Dallas region, A.L.M.S Community Health Center is a valuable resource. Book an appointment to meet the team and learn more about how the practice can meet existing needs and exceed expectations.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide high-quality health care services to everyone in our community who needs them most. Healthcare is expensive, we aim to make it more affordable for our patients.